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Everybody knows how important time is. You get paid by how much time you work, you wake up and go to sleep according to time. In fact, in today's busy world, almost everything goes by time. Have you ever really stopped to think about time? Who first started measuring time? How did they do it? Why is it that we have hundreds of different languages and thousands of different cultures but we all measure time in the same way? In fact time has been measured in more or less the same manner across civilizations. This web site is dedicated to time, it's history and importance in modern day life. Take the time (pun intended), to browse these pages and hopefully learn something new about time. Feel free to link to us or tell a friend. You can use our free Time Server tool as many times as you want!
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 What time is it in... Ask the time server! Looking for a map of a country that shows major cities? The time server has that too. Soon we'll have international country codes, airport codes and lots more...

Call Planner
Need to call somebody on the other side of the world but don't know when you should place the call? The Time Server has the solution. Choose your country, the country you will call and what time you want the phone to ring in the destination country. The Time Server will tell you how long to wait before making the call. No more waking up business associates and relatives at off times!



Basic World Time Zones

How Does the Time Server Work?
 The Time Server gets it's time from the GPS satellite network which circles the earth. When you choose a country, the offset from GMT is added to the true time and sent back to you. It does not matter if your computer clock is incorrect or not, you will still get the correct time. To make sure your clock is right, download a time client.

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